We are finally online with our new blog: here you will find information about our Lollipet brand and all our news. It is not entirely true, or rather, in this blog you will also find a lot more but we don’t want to spoil what we have in mind for you now. First of all we want to introduce ourselves and tell you who we are!

The LOLLIPET brand was born from the common desire of Giovanni, Daria, Gioia and Sonia to create unique and precious pieces for dogs of all sizes, from small to large.

Lollipet follows the fashion trends of the moment and creates tailor-made garments for dogs of all sizes, with the craftsmanship and decades of experience in Sonia’s tailoring who takes care of the product in all its details for our 4-legged guardian angels.

The brand is developed in the industrial district of Prato, a hamlet of cenciaioli and a ‘port’ from which you can still set sail far “with the stars – towards fabulous empires“, as Giacomo Puccini used to say.

Aiming for the stars, we aim to bring the excellence of made in Italy tailoring to the world of pets, creating an exclusive haute couture line for dogs with an elegant, refined and sophisticated taste with luxury fabrics and materials.

Mascot and inspiring muse of our project is Penelope, Daria and Giovanni’s Maltesina.

You will have already understood from this welcome post that tailoring, curiosity for know-how and love for dogs are our core values. We like to share our knowledge with all of you, hoping to make your doggies wear beautiful garments and get to know their value in depth; to make your experience with us unforgettable.