Dog ties and dog bow ties, also for puppies. Made in Italy

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It takes little to make your four-legged friend happy and it is right, from time to time, to spoil him with some small accessory that can make him curious to discover and use it!
A new toy, for example, or a new colorful stuffed animal… or a different bowl to surprise him! Lollipet offers you a wide choice of special useful accessories for you and your furry one: handmade soft toys in original Casentino fabric, embroidered bag holders, elegant Carrara marble bowls with removable stainless steel interior entirely produced by local artisans. But there’s more! Lollipet will also surprise you with some small accessories that will give your pet a super chic look on special occasions. Check out the warm faux fur collars, adorable ties, and cute ceremonial bandanas with attention to detail!
Make your wedding perfect and let your trusted friend walk you through this special moment, choosing for him the elegant ceremony accessories Lollipet! Upon request, we will take care of making them exclusive and personalized with the initials of the bride and groom, the date of the special day and placing, for example, a ribbon to tie the rings so that your pet can carry them down the aisle.

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