Custom-Made The Bespoke service is what makes each creation entirely personalized and unique.
Custom dog clothes, shirts, sweaters and dog outfits made in Italy


Our bespoke items can also be designed in an array of materials. You can choose materials such as waterproof all the way through to eco-fur, ranging from a typycally English style to a super-fashion style, choosing plain fabrics for a simple, classic look but also very eccentric, coloured and modern.



Lollipet, with it’s custom made production, each time reinvents each garment on the basis of the desire of the owners and of their puppies. Each piece can be requested in every size, from the smallest to the biggest. Each garment can be made in the fabric that you prefer. It is the capacity of a total personalization which allows the client to have a unique piece of very high quality. In a world where custom made, handmade and quality are becoming less common, Lollipet keeps the spirit of luxury alive as the result of craftmanship knowledge. We have been chosen by our clients for occasions such as: weddings, birthdays, special occasions, dogs on Yachts and dogs frequenting prestigious hotels.



The personalized experience is the last frontier of luxury. By choosing this type of service, the customer can participate in every stage of the creative process to achieve the desired results. From design, to the selection of materials, from fitting to the creation of the finished garment. Lollipet offers a complete personalized experience. There is nothing more elegant than creating a unique piece that lasts forever.


Custom dog clothes
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