Casentino 1848 by Lollipet

This fabric was born in the Casentino valley, nestled in the uncontaminated mountains of the Tuscan Apennines among the woods and meadows, where sheep have always been raised to produce the ideal wool for the processing of Casentinesi artisans.

1848 – The date that marks the birth of the production of the traditional Casentino cloth. From a simple fabric used by woodcutters and shepherds, the fabric begins to be appreciated by illustrious figures of high society such as the famous composers Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini.

1930 – The fabrics produced in Casentino are also sold in countries with great textile traditions such as France.

1960 – Audrey Hepburn, an icon of elegance in “breakfast at Tiffany’s” wears an orange coat made by a very famous French designer with Panno Casentino. Thanks to this film, the fabric achieves a worldwide notoriety and becomes an international fashion must.

2000 – At the beginning of the third millennium traditional and artisanal products that had been set aside in the previous twenty years are rediscovered. The fabrics produced in Casentino, obtained from the finest yarns, experience a second youth and once again become reference products.

2010 – Casentino 1848 is born, which preserves and inherits all the textile skills of almost two centuries of history and heritage of the highest cultural value.

2017 – Casentino 1848 collaborates exclusively with Lollipet for the production of garments and accessories for animals.