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Leccalecca Lollipet About us

Handmade in Italy


LOLLIPET is an Italian brand that comes from Giovanni, Daria, Gioia and Sonia's desire and common passion to create unique and precious fashion-wear for dogs of all sizes.

The ten-year experience that some of us have in the world of fashion and haute-couture has made the creation of Lollipet possible, a brand whose philosophy blends this passion with the love and respect for animals, designing garments for the needs of your four-legged friends.

Lollipet was developed in the industrial district of Prato, a known area for the rag trade: the famous "port" from which you can sail far away "with the stars to fabulous empires", as Giacomo Puccini once said.

Lollipet aims to bring the excellence of solely Made in Italy to the Pet World, creating an exclusive haute couture line for elegant and sophisticated dogs by using quality and luxury fabrics and designing unique pieces made to stand out from the common.

The Mascot of our project is Penelope, a Maltese dog, who is the team’s inspirational muse.

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